Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Letter Writing

In Writing we have been learning to: Write a formal letter.

We have followed the writing process and have planned and drafted a formal letter.

This shows the process that we have followed.

Here is the letter that I have written ( Link the draft of your letter here)

Here is my reflection on the letter writing that we have done.

One thing that I found challenging about writing formal letters was having detailed information

My next step is: look for more opportunities to put my letter writing knowledge into practice in the future.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Evaluate Texts

In reading we have been learning to apply some criteria to evaluate texts eg accuracy of information and presence of bias with Mr Brown

We have been evaluating texts against the following four criteria:
  1. Readability
  2. Accuracy
  3. Relevance
  4. Quality of language/ information.

These documents show evidence of my learning during this unit:

  • Describing Author's Purpose
  • Criteria to evaluate texts
  • Evaluating a range of texts

My Next Step: Is to continue to apply this new knowledge and evaluate texts as I read them, checking for readability, accuracy, relevance and quality of language/ information

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Apply simple linear proportions, including ordering fractions

i was learning about simple linear proportions

I can apply the strategy to problem solving questions

Please complete these two problems. You will need to explain how you got the answer.

Question 1
In our household, there are twice as many cats as humans, with sixty legs in total.

How many cats are there to be fed?12

Question 2
Three men run a business together.
The proportion of the profit they each get at the end of the month is based on the proportion of the funds they have invested in the business.
The April profit is shared out so that All gets one third, Bob gets one half and Chuck gets one sixth.
In May, Des joins the group, investing half as much as Bob invested.

What share of the profit can Des expect to get?a quarter because bob has half and half of a half is a quarter

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Term 2 Book Review

OZZY Unauthorized
Image result for OZZY Unauthorized

The Books about Ozzys life from when he was a child to and adult and about his career as a singer/entertainer.

Friday, July 7, 2017

This term I have been reading and studying the novel abandon ship

I found this novel ok because i did not like it

During the novel I had to complete a thinking map which shows that I can classify how the author has shown the theme of the book.
  • Link to Classify Map

National Standard this covers

  • Year 7/8  Standard
    • I can identify and evaluate the way writers’ use language and ideas to suit their purpose and I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

  • Overall I would give this novel a rating of  7/10 and I would not recommend it to others to read because it was not very good